What If the Public Took Control of the Energy Grid?

Earlier this month, Pacific Gas & Electric, the investor-owned utility company that supplies power to much of California, cut off electricity to over 700,000 customers. The company argued that such a drastic measure — the largest planned power outage in the state’s history — was necessary to prevent wildfires. Yet for some activists, this bleakly framed choice served as another reminder that investor-owned utility companies are not positioned to manage our energy futures, especially as climate

The Companies That Invest in the Earth's Destruction Must Be Held Accountable

You may not have heard of the company BlackRock, yet you are certainly feeling its impact. The global investment management corporation, responsible for managing $7 trillion worth of assets, is a massive backer of climate destruction, investing billions in new coal plant construction and the deforestation of the Amazon. Earlier this month, an investigation by the Guardian found that BlackRock has $87.3 billion worth of shares in oil, coal, and gas companies. BlackRock’s headquarters, a nondesc

The Missing Piece in Democrats’ Health Care Plans

Democratic presidential hopefuls so far have mostly debated health care policy and climate policy as separate issues, with the former getting far more debate time. Given the way the two topics intersect, it’s critical not just for climate plans to talk about public health implications, but also for any articulation of health care policy to acknowledge that health care will increasingly take place in a changed environment.

Ending coal mining is essential to solving the climate crisis

This week is Climate Week, coinciding with the UN Climate Change Summit. On September 25th, the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) will release its newest report. Every day this week Massive will be publishing articles and interviews with scientists, policy experts, and activists about climate change, all aspects of the new report, and the future of the planet. Burning coal is one of the biggest sources of human-produced carbon dioxide, sulfur dioxide, mercury, and other pollutant

Here’s What 7 Youth Activists Want To See For Our Green New World

“Our house is on fire,” Greta Thunberg has said (at Davos and, most recently, the Climate Strikes) to sound the alarm on the ecological and climate emergency. But let’s imagine for a moment that the house stopped burning. We came together and put out the fire. Older generations didn’t let young people shoulder the burden of activism and acted, too. Global leaders honored their climate pledges. What would that world look like? What would we grow in that future? What new systems would be in place
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