Greta L. Moran

The Murky Part of the STATES Act: Tribal Rights

As individual states pass more lenient cannabis laws, the federal government has failed to keep pace. This just might change with the STATES Act. First introduced by Senators Elizabeth Warren and Cory Gardner on June 7th 2018, the bipartisan bill would help untangle the myriad conflicts between the federal government and the states that have chosen to legalize cannabis. On April 4, the bill—fully titled the Strengthening the Tenth Amendment Through Entrusting States (STATES) Act—was reintrod

There Are Few Things Better Than Socializing in Silence

I live in an apartment just off Broadway, one of New York’s highest-decibel streets, in a location so close to the subway that I feel a rattling in my room every five minutes (eight minutes on weekends). My roommates, a couple probably/hopefully in the process of uncoupling, spend most of their free hours adding to the noise levels by playing the sort of music that is like a prolonged moan, or maybe a whale dying, while yelling at each other. When in a good mood, they narrate everything they are

One plant has the ability to help us understand climate change

The humble sunflower appears not quite of this earth. Its yellow crowned head sits atop its stalk like a green broomstick. Its seeds, arranged in a logarithmic spiral, are produced by tiny flowers called disc florets that emerge from the center of its head and radiate outward. But aside from being a biological marvel, the sunflower is also often in the scientific spotlight. From understanding how new plant species emerge to studying “solar tracking,” which is how the flowers align themselves wi

Pride Itinerary for Queers Who Don't Like Fun

If extraterrestrials were to observe Pride, they might gain the false impression that all queers are very fun and also love Verizon, or Verizon loves them—it’s hard to say. I’ll have you know, dear aliens, that queerness comes in every form under our sun (your star). This Pride itinerary is for queers like me, who are not fun, but still damn proud. 6 AM All gather in a room and read The Well of Loneliness, silently and to ourselves, while eating steel-cut oats and raisins (separate dishes). (Ka

Definitive List of Things That Are and Are Not Feminist | Poem

Definitive List of Things That Are and Are Not Feminist Clouds: yeah, extremely feminist. I feel liberated just thinking about them. Monuments: no, especially when they draw attention away from the landscape Sun: not feminist, too gravitationally controlling of other planets Moon’s relationship with the ocean: highest level of feminist discourse Space: yes, very feminist, even with the sun included Hurricanes: just the eye of the storm is feminist Secondary colors: yes, could not be more

When Medicine and Faith Define Death Differently

Thirteen-year-old Ezadin Mahmoud was pronounced dead on August 27th, 2014, in Portland, Maine. His heart was beating and his breath was still warm, but his brain stem had been severed. He had been practicing backflips with his brothers when he landed on his head. If radioactive tracers were inserted in his veins, it would show his blood rerouting around the swollen brain stem, like water moving around a dead log. One might note how his pupils failed to respond to light. If removed from the venti
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